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Course Testimonials

One of the most practical and relevant courses available for the general practitioner.

Transitional bonding allows me to offer my patients aesthetic improvements that are close to indirect restorations yet not cost prohibitive. Many more patients can be treated by this approach.

Dr. Willhite is an excellent teacher. I have been able to assimilate this technique almost immediately in spite of learning the material online. The handout is very detailed with clear images and very helpful.

Very trustworthy because he is happy to talk about his failures and not just his successes.

Course: Transitional Bonding
Instructor(s): Dr. Corky Willhite

The material in this course is not only applicable, but it offers me the opportunity to provide my patients a superior clinical result. It has invigorated me professionally.

Course: Catch the Composite Wave and Surf Its Potential!
Instructor(s): Dr. Bud Mopper & Dr. Dennis Hartlieb

Thank you so much for teaching this course and making it available for me to watch from my favorite chair at home.

Transitional bonding or as I say to my patients "intervention with composite" has been an amazing technique to learn.

I actually worked on a woman just a few days ago and used my wax up as a guide to set the palatal shells of the front six which helped smooth the process greatly.

Thank you again for helping give other dentists the foundational skills with this technique. You are a great teacher.

The money I spent is nothing compared to the amount of patients that will be helped by learning transitional bonding.

Hopefully, others will take the time to learn from this course. It is a wonderful tool.

Course: Transitional Bonding
Instructor(s): Dr. Corky Willhite

Beyond my expectations. Dr. Mopper is not only amazing with material, but in clarity and understanding.

Course: Catch the Composite Wave and Surf Its Potential!
Instructor(s): Dr. Bud Mopper & Dr. Dennis Hartlieb


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